Care and Conservation

Below are a few tips on how to better care for your coins set so they can last for years and years to come.

Coins are produced from Zamak alloy, a combination of different metals very common in the foundry industry and used in a multitude of products such as car carburetors, gas cylinder valves, electrical junction boxes, cabinet handles, belt buckles, etc. If you want to know more, this link has more information.

Zamak is very resistant to bending, dents, and corrosion and if the pieces are well maintained they can last almost indefinitely. In addition, all our coins are metal-plated and varnished to ensure full protection. So they can always be ready for your game, keep them in a closed container (such as zip locks or plastic boxes) in a dry place away from light. If you live near the sea or in a very humid place, we recommend the use of silica for preserving the pieces.
Over time, the pieces may darken a little due to constant handling and contact with sweat on your hands, but this does not affect their use in any way. I have parts with me since we started our company 9 years ago that are still in perfect condition.
Never try to wash the coins or apply any chemical product as this can react with the varnish and end up damaging the piece. If they get wet (due to spilling a drink on the table, for example) just rinse them quickly with fresh water and leave them to dry in the shade.

Metal odor
Some customers have commented that coins leave a metal odor on their hands when manipulated during gameplay. This is perfectly normal and there is not much that can be done about it. After finishing the game, just wash your hands with soap and water and the odor is gone right away.
In the case of painted coins (Dinosaur Island, Scythe, Five Tribes) in some rare cases, they can come to you with a still-present smell of paint. In this situation, just spread them on a flat surface (plate, tray, board, etc.) and leave them to air in the shade for 24 to 48 hours to let the smell out.

Additional questions
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