About Moedas & Co.

With the idea of bringing more realism and emotion to board games, we developed coins and other metal markers.

Moedas & Co. emerged in 2015 from the desire to have metallic coins for my board games, starting with Lords of Waterdeep. Since I had a friend who owned a small foundry, I asked him how much would cost to make a small number of coins, but I soon realized that making coins just for me would be too expensive.

So, I had the idea of looking for other people on Facebook interested in having coins for their Lords too thus closing a "minimum lot". We closed that lot and the first coins were produced. As soon as their photos were posted in the communities, more and more people started wanting coins for their games and they asked me to open new lots and so, kind of unintentionally, we started selling.

In addition to the coins present in our line, we also create special projects for game developers or any customers who want to make custom parts.

In 2020 our coins appeared in a video on the Dice Tower channel and then our sales outside Brazil, which were previously extremely sporadic, started to grow. Today we are proud to say that our Brazilian coins are spread over almost every continent!

Moedas & Co around the world
Moedas & Co. around the world
Moedas & Co around the world
Moedas & Co
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