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Dice Tower Seal of Excelence
On October 18th, 2020 we were honored to have some of our products reviewed by digital influencer Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower channel. For those who don't know, Tom Vasel has been producing videos about boardgames since 2008 and is considered one of the most influential content generators on the topic, with thousands of followers and videos published.
In addition, we received the Seal of Excellence, a seal given to products that exceed his expectations and have his recommendation.
It is difficult to express the immense pride that we feel to see a product 100% manufactured in Brazil receive this honor, the result of 9 years of work and tireless dedication, carried out in its entirety with four hands. Below you can watch the full review:

Meeting Tom Vasel at DOFF 2023
Tom Vasel, from the Dice Tower channel, visiting our booth during DOFF2023, the biggest boardgames fair in Brazil.

MoedaseCo e Tom Vasel
Upping Your Game - BoardGameCo
The American channel BoardGameCo evaluated our coins as well as some products from our Brazilian partners Gorilla3D and Table Top Master:

Small Talk - Thinker Themer
Australian channel Thinker Themer also rated our coins in addition to several other games. The full video can be seen below, and our participation starts at 15 min:

Metal Coins Review - BoardGameDave
The American channel BoardGameDave made an enthusiastic review of two of our most cool coin sets: A Feast for Odin and Marco Polo. The full video can be seen below (with subtitles):

Top 10 Board Game Gifts - SideGame LLC
The American channel SideGame LLC from Colorado, has listed 10 items that are good gifts for boardgame fans, and our coins are quoted in the video:

Metallmünzen für Brettspiele - Boardgame Digger
The german channel Boardgame Digger made a review with some of our coins. The full video can be seen below (in german, with no subtitles):

Tom's Boring Unboxing Video - Dice Tower
Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower channel opens his received boxes and among them are some of our recently released coins. The full video can be seen below:

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